Sniper Team
Sniper team is a browser game. As the name indicates its a first person shooting with a little twist . Instead of one character you got four characters that positioned around a base which you have to protect from incoming waves of terorists!. Lets take a deeper look into Sniper team. As its a browser game you need flash player loaded on your browser. Once its done there is no aditional installation or downloads requires . Game welcomes you with a clean screen , a menu and beautifully iluminated logo of the game .   You can click on How to play section to take a sneak peak into what you have to do to handle the game mechanics , what this game is about and how to play this game . You can see the objectives and game controls at this section. After we read it and memorize the controll we jjump back into action! Once you click "start" a loading screen pops up to get you ready for action . After its done you find yourself in your base , with a sniper in your hand and 3 more of your teammates are in their position on certain choke points to eleminate incoming threats.  You can switch between your snipers using 1-4 buttons . You got little pictures of your team members at buttom left side and they flash with a red light when an enemy approaches from their side. Game's easy to learn hard to master style shows itself here . It takes some time to get use to switching between your members to handle the enemy which is coming from enemy direction as well as using your weapon choices to eleminate them as fast as possible . Sniper Teams peak point shows itself here . Its unique leveling and weapon system along with weapon upgrades makes this game quite intresting . As your characters can use two weapons each, switching between spesific weapons to eleminate special enemies is highly required . Using a single shot high damage sniper to take down enemies afar is not usefull when you encounter a group of ten enemies charging your base at the same time!.Giving which weapon to which of your character is highly strategical in sniper team . For different days , for different enemies you will need different weapons. As you progress through the game you will be collecting money from eleminating enemies , compleating objectives , reaching certain goals for bonuses and shooting supply creates that thrown from the heaclicopters . You can use this money on upgrading  your weapons as well as buying the secondary weapons to your characters. At this point you will realise locked items . Those items can be unlocked with your level in game . So the higher you go , bigger you get . Compleate opposite of the saying eh?Game itself is quite beautiful by nature , graphics are very nice along with the music archive of the game . It pulls you inside while you are playing it . With its easy to learn style the fun begins as soon as you get into actionSniper team also have a helping system to tell players where the enemies are approaching or standing at certain points .A little briefing section before starting each level and seeing the day time actually changes from morning to night , from sunrise to sundown pulls you inside the game even more. As each day ( level ) passes by the atmosphere is changing with the daytime and makes you wonder what will do in the next day ( level ) and forces you to keep playing to see what kind of challange you have to overcome next day or what kind of stragety and weaponary you have to choose to pass even this day!.